A hot summer night,
the sound of rain in the courtyard.
A satin breeze sways the curtains.

She wrote
‘Gently I open
my silk dress and float alone
on the orchid boat. Who can
take a letter beyond the clouds?’ *

All those years ago

And he wrote
'A picture held us captive and we
could not get outside it.’

When the winter came
she wrote
'I put on my new quilted robe
sewn with gold thread.’ **

Is that how you saw it?
Passing a mirror in a dusky corridor
—that face, the tilt of those shoulders.
Or in the bright light of morning
the details of your face in that mirror
—a picture, as though set, that maps
the wear of years, dreams,
that this is where we’ve come to,
and the future best left to itself.

The letter will reach the other side of the mountains,
clouds will roll back clear of the summits.
What was needed was done, but never done,
it’s never done.

Plodding along the mountain path—
drifts of rain, streams sweeping across the path,
cloud so low you can barely see the path
as you stumble on loose rock.

How to imagine an orchid boat?
It gets harder. But days come and go,
the sun comes out and everything seems to sparkle
and the letter spirals away.

The picture in the mirror seemed so real,
though only caught that imprisoning moment.
A golden leaf in autumn spins into a dark river
where the currents dance it underwater back and forth, side to side.

Without thinking
I step aboard the orchid boat,
the feel of silk
carrying me beyond all mirrors.

The Orchid Boat (2014)
Enitharmon / Dufour Editions

From Poetry Daily


Jefferson Airplane - We Can Be Together from Volunteers

Tonight’s Weird Music Dream was turning up to my shared studio and finding two oversized duck decoys on my desk singing this song.

Nevermind …. this was a great way of hearing this again. I loved this song and this album when I was a kid. Jorma Kaukonen’s biting guitar, Jack Casady’s thunderous bass, and the wonderful vocal combination of Marty Balin, Paul Kantner and Grace Slick. A real anthem.

Also, somehow seeing a bunch of hippies lost in music dancing around in a field is kind of - well - charming.

And yes, I had a picture of Grace stuck on the inside of my school desk.



And here’s Rodrigo Amarante playing two marvelous songs, “Irene” and “The Ribbon,” while walking around Paris. He even throws in a Dylan impersonation in between songs for good measure.

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Vinyl Community Session August 2014

and yours truly

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A late summer music sharing session - extremely mixed!


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Photo Set


Krusty Krab restaurant in Palestine

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Yo La Tengo - I’ll Be Around from Fade

A fucking beautiful song, the words in the video are different, and a recipe too!


Vinicius Cantuária & Bill Frisell - Calle 7 from Lágrimas Mexicanas

I’m loving this record and particularly this song all over again.

Can’t find out who did the photograph.


"P-Funk was the answer to the question, “What if we gave poor black kids in Jersey and middle-class white kids in San Francisco the exact same drugs and massive amplifiers?’"

- thoughtsonthedead | The Other Ones (via forgottenlandscapes)
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CHOCOLATE GENIUS INC. - Like a Nurse - from Swansong

This is so good.

The whole Swansong record is so good. 

All of the Chocolate Genius records are so good.

[And yes, he did that song that was used in Breaking Bad as well as the version of Julia on the I Am Sam soundtrack]


Milton Nascimento - E Daí? (A Queda)

Whoops. Evidently I was not just hugging the pillow but having a whole conversation with it … This song may be to blame.

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Filmmakers Hen Norton and Dan Dennison have just returned from their latest few days shooting ‘Born and Reared’ a documentary about 8 men living in Northern Ireland today, that is due to be screened in Spring 2014.


‘This latest trip was particularly fascinating. We spent time between the loyalist celebrations near to the Shankhill Road on the 11th July, where we witnessed the giant bonfires burning late into the night, followed by the 12th July celebrations of the annual orange marches through Belfast city centre. Later that same day we went to film in the catholic communities, where they played a charity football match to raise money for breast cancer and the singing and dancing went on late into the night in a pub on the Ormeau Road, all in an attempt to keep the peace and the children and locals away from the activities happening in nearby streets.


Filming continues from now until October 2014, during which time we will be meeting with our fascinating cast of ‘ordinary’ men from across the country. We will be working with a range of characters and hearing stories from the Jewish community, the Polish community, the Protestant and the Catholic community. These stories will be brought together as a documentary film, presenting a tapestry of male portraits in post conflict Northern Ireland in the year 2014.’


The film and an exhibition of work will tour internationally in 2015.


To find out more please contact @hennorton or @dan_

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